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StealthShield™ provides absolute impenetrability for business-critical applications, IoT, Defense and Critical Infrastructure by uniquely preventing any type of cyber intrusion into your network or devices.


This ensures that your systems communicate with only trusted participants and with trusted data. All other communications are blocked.


“Why is that different?” StealthShield prevents. Other cyber companies try to detect and remediate after the intrusion has already taken place. By then it’s too late. Damage has been done and now it’s a matter of trying to control the damage and the cost of the damage.


StealthAccess™ is a game-changer in this digital world and throughout this global economy.  The deployment opportunities for StealthAccess technology are limitless as it uniquely provides absolute impenetrability for all your connected applications enabling complete application impenetrability and unaltered communication with StealthPath Trusted™ data.  


Simply put, this means with complete and absolute assurance that anyone, anywhere, on any device can securely communicate with other StealthAccess enabled applications or StealthShield enabled devices or systems.  Period.


StealthChain™ brings end-to-end impenetrability for blockchain transactions at any scale.  This includes regulated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency IT infrastructures and clients' digital wallets.


Blockchain itself, including inbound data and Smart Contracts, is not fully secure.  At each location the data is touched, from the point of origin until it is committed to the ledger, it is vulnerable to manipulation. Smart Contracts are also susceptible to compromise, because where and how this executable code is developed is not secure.


By fully securing each point in the system and the communications between them, StealthChain can insure your data is StealthPath Trusted and your Smart Contracts have not been tampered with.


Only you totally control your Blockchain implementation, which includes your data.

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