Critical Infrastructure Defense in Depth

Purpose-Built for IIoT

Game-Changing Innovation in Zero Trust, Endpoint-Centric Protection

The StealthPath Product Family


SteathShield provides defense in depth at the operational level through a zero-trust solution that challenges every connection before a channel is opened, and every message/packet at the protocol and message layers before they are transmitted. Critical infrastructure, including ICS and IOT (M2M) devices are immunized against any kind of cyber intrusion.

StealthPath security is complementary, not competitive, providing frictionless implementation and delivering a deeper layer of protection for all existing security solutions. It has a very light footprint, with less than a microsecond processing overhead, even on a low-powered Raspberry Pi device.

How is this different? Conventional NIST cybersecurity solutions block known threats, and then work to identify, contain, and remediate unfamiliar ones, often after damage has already been done. StealthPath prevents compromise by  challenging every interaction and allowing only those whose senders, receivers, protocols, and message components are verified based on predefined parameters. It stops exploits before they require remediation.


StealthProvision provides a single platform for managing the configuration that constrains the ICS to allow only valid interactions. The interface is clear and intuitive, requiring minimal training for configuration and updates.

An “object-oriented” approach, rules for one device can be cloned and modified for similar devices. Device profiles can loaded directly in CSV format. Planned functionality will allow direct loading from industry-leading industrial documentation software.


StealthGateway provides the means to transition from the StealthShield-secured enclave to the rest of the enterprise network.

All the features and protections of StealthShield are in StealthGateway.

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