StealthPath provides organizations with a revolutionary but non-disruptive path to implementing a Zero Trust model for their IoT and smart device solutions.

Our flexible, game-changing platform can rapidly bring the rapidly expanding, technically diverse, difficult to maintain universe of edge device into security compliance without major changes to underlying applications or network infrastructure.

StealthPath provides multi-layered, zero-trust defense-in-depth. Purpose-built to complement existing cybersecurity solutions, it digitally fingerprints every entity on the endpoint network. We create a configuration whitelist that challenges every interaction, with multiple options for response from monitoring to alerting to blocking anomalous connections and content. Our flexible, staged adoption path allows clients to evolve different systems at different speeds from inventorying and monitoring behavior, to integration with next-gen firewalls and SIEM solutions, to complete protection. The platform provides significant value at every stage, from understanding the complete set of local and remote users, devices, and connections on their IoT network, to having the ability to shut down potentially harmful exploits before they can do damage. And it functions with minimal overhead at operational speed.

Developed by a leadership team with deep experience in cybersecurity, the company’s patented solutions open a new path forward for organizations seeking consistency with NIST best practices. And for those who want to make sure that their endpoint devices don’t become entry points for cyber intrusion.



Innovation-driven with seasoned experience driving multi-million-dollar start-ups to market-leading positions as chief executive officer.

Andrew Gordon, Founder & CEO


Senior Executive with track record of developing some of the most advanced cybersecurity technologies in the industry.

Russ Berkoff, President


A senior industry expert with more than 30 years of proven significant information technology and cybersecurity experience...

Clifton N. B. Triplett, Technical Advisor

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