About Us

In response to years of relentless Nation State cyber-attacks stealing our Nation’s most secret military technologies such as next generation Stealth fighter plans and advanced weapons systems as well as posing threats to our Critical Infrastructure, Founder and CEO Andrew Gordon formed StealthPath™ which is now creating the first of its kind game changing Impenetrable Cybersecurity Platforms.

With Headquarters in Reston, Virginia and a staff of industry experts in safety and security-critical applications, StealthPath™ is THE technology company leading the Pathway to Impenetrable Cybersecurity™.

Other technology companies are focused on building better cyber walls with hardware and software solutions and putting in place response mechanisms for when they eventually get hacked.


About StealthPath

StealthPath™ has created technology solutions which will enable you to Hide your Enterprise from the Enemy™.  StealthPath™ provides defense-in-depth to your enterprise, allowing only Trusted Actors with Trusted Data to communicate with your enterprise.

Andrew’s Additional Background

Founder Andrew Gordon, with extensive experience from the commercial application of Space Station technology, commercialized the International Space Station's original onboard operating system called Timeliner, with a next generation version Timeliner TLX, which brought reliable Broadband delivery of Cable TV and VOIP for companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Cox Communications.

This Broadband delivery technology became an industry defacto standard and was acquired by Arris Corporation.

Andrew’s ability to identify critical industry problems and create first of its kind, innovative solutions has spawned the idea of StealthPath™, in order to create Impenetrable Cybersecurity for critical industries like aerospace and defense, healthcare and medical devices, critical infrastructure, industrial controls and energy, automotive, FinTech, banking, Blockchain and regulated and backed Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency solutions.

StealthPath™ technology is dramatically changing the cybersecurity landscape by providing a proven, cost-effective, easy to configure, autonomous solution to offer the Pathway to Impenetrable Cybersecurity™.