Digital Fingerprinting for a Zero Trust Platform

RESTON VIRGINIA, August 1, 2019.  StealthPath, Inc. announces their receipt of two patents for an innovative approach for rapidly bringing the ever-growing universe of IoT and smart devices into full security compliance.   StealthPath quickly delivers Zero Trust security best practices to these devices without changing the application software or networking infrastructure supporting them, and without impacting performance. “Zero Trust means that every connection needs to be challenged and verified,” says StealthPath President Russ Berkoff. “Even those already inside the network perimeter. To do that, we need a robust and efficient method of identifying each entity at operational speed.”

StealthPath’s patents cover the platform’s capability to be cooperatively configured on multiple nodes to effectively “fingerprint” and authorize devices, applications, user, and data protocols. The approach uses numerous independent identifiers which are validated against preconfigured security profiles to prevent compromised nodes from spreading malware through the network. One patent covers installation on a specific device, the other it’s enablement on virtual machines, opening the capability for Cloud deployment.

“While security is the prime value here, it is only part of the benefit of knowing in detail what is going on in your network,” says Berkoff. “The increased visibility StealthPath delivers can also uncover operational bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. We’re very excited about the potential.”

About StealthPath

StealthPath (  is an endpoint-first cybersecurity solution to addressing critical vulnerabilities of IoT and smart endpoint devices. Its global patent-pending platform approach provides a range of benefits, from developing a complete user, application, and device inventory for firewall configuration to implementing a “zero-trust” solution at the protocol/message level, ensuring that device access, port utilization, protocols, and messages are consistent with intended functionality. The complete solution has the game-changing capability to stop exploits before they can laterally spread or do damage, eliminating zero-day and other OS and application vulnerabilities. In the process, it also increases operational stability by eliminating accidental events caused by software failure or human error. The solution footprint is  minimally disruptive, with frictionless implementation complementing existing applications and processes. For more information, contact:

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