Innovative Endpoint Security Startup Joins Industrial Internet Consortium

Endpoint-first security firm StealthPath today announced have become a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). “Their focus is closely aligned with our solution,” says StealthPath President Russ Berkoff. “We’re bringing a new approach to protecting Internet connected devices, enabling true zero trust at operational speed.”

Where leading security approaches work from the perimeter in, protecting devices and communications by hardening the network, StealthPath’s innovation is to work from the inside out. It is provisioned on individual devices, monitoring, alerting, or filtering communications down to the individual instruction level. With extreme granularity, it can intervene precisely, blocking anomalous or malicious commands. It does not matter whether the source is malware, user error, or system malfunction, StealthPath works with extreme speed, without interfering with highly time-sensitive processes. An incremental. Three-stage deployment model allows customers to evolve their level of adoption, providing low-impact entry to accounts with significant potential for expansion.

The approach is transformative without being disruptive, a complement rather than a competitor to current information security solution. Because it functions at the device level it can be effectively implemented in environments that have already been compromised. Which, given the ubiquity of malicious advanced persistent threats, may be all of them.

StealthPath offers significant immediate benefit to the IIoT, where previously air-gapped solutions have gained significant advantages in data analysis and convenience at the cost of a dramatically expanded threat surface. Membership in the IIC promises to allow the company to continue to evolve its offerings in response to broader, real-world feedback from other innovators in one of the most dynamic, and promising, areas of information technology transformation.

“We see ourselves as the last line of defense,” says former Special Forces office Berkoff, “Purpose-built to disarm and neutralize cyber-exploits that manage to get through every other layer of protection in an OT environment.” StealthPath has filed, and received preliminary approval, on 18 patents to globally secure their potentially game-changing IP.

About StealthPath

StealthPath (  is an endpoint-first cybersecurity solution to addressing critical vulnerabilities of IoT and smart endpoint devices. Its global patent-pending platform approach provides a range of benefits, from developing a complete user, application, and device inventory for firewall configuration to implementing a “zero-trust” solution at the protocol/message level, ensuring that device access, port utilization, protocols, and messages are consistent with intended functionality. The complete solution has the game-changing capability to stop exploits before they can laterally spread or do damage, eliminating zero-day and other OS and application vulnerabilities. In the process, it also increases operational stability by eliminating accidental events caused by software failure or human error. The solution footprint is  minimally disruptive, with frictionless implementation complementing existing applications and processes. For more information, contact:

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