StealthPath Honored with PACE Pilot Award

Automotive News has selected StealthPath’s Zero Trust platform as one of eleven innovations with the potential to transform the transportation industry. This PACEPilot recognition is in a new class of awards from an organization known for honoring the auto industry’s best-commercialized innovations with its PACE Awards.

StealthPath is built on the “never trust/always verify” tenets of Zero Trust Architectures (ZTA) as defined by NIST 801-207 and documented by the Zero Trust Capability Framework. The ZConsole family of products addresses the vulnerability of connected smart endpoint devices that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT.) In essence, these are small computers designed for a specific purpose. These devices often lack the onboard memory for traditional security controls, but their connectivity opens potential cyberattack vectors into linked networks. This includes linked personal devices, support systems, other internal devices, as well as the emerging, highly integrated set of sensors and controls connecting autonomous driving with “smart cities” technologies.

A StealthPath approach with enhanced Artificial Intelligence from IBM Watson Analytics would establish a Zero Trust environment at the device level. Every connection, device, and message payload are monitored for both identity confirmation based on the behavioral expectations defined and exhibited. Each channel of communication becomes an encrypted VPN, with multifactor identification based on its encryption key and its established patterns of behavior. Potential threats are prevented, but should they still enter the system they are shut down at the first evidence of a shift in expected or learned normal behavior- before they can compromise safety or system integrity.

About PACEPilot
For 26 years, the Automotive News PACE Awards have heralded the industry’s best commercialized game-changing innovations. The increased tempo of change has been driving vast innovation in processes, products and systems that are through the pilot phase, but have not been brought to market.

Automotive News PACEpilot is the new program that reviews and recognizes innovations from suppliers, including startups, that have reached a working pilot demonstration phase but are not yet commercialized with a contracted sale. Traditional and non-traditional automotive suppliers are encouraged to submit their innovations for review in the inaugural PACEpilot program.

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