A flexible and scalable path to the Zero Trust future.
The overarching set of inter-operational StealthPath solutions. Facilitates communication and information-sharing between systems utilizing different aspects of the StealthPath solution set or at different stages of maturity.


Passive but powerful, intuitive visibility and analysis

The first stage of StealthPath adoption corresponds to the Identify portion of the NIST framework. The implementation has two basic deliverables:

  • Creation of an overall view of the customer network, including passive, non-disruptive mapping of connections and behavior against individual entities with advanced digital fingerprints. This is a foundation for scaling usage and a solid starting point for more robust protection.
  • Provides an intuitive portal/UI supporting  detailed asset mapping and comparative analysis. Through IBM Watson integration, allows for behavioral monitoring and machine learning-based anomaly identification.

This is the baseline level of StealthPath functionality. All StealthWatch capabilities are integrated into the other products.


Situational awareness for information security

The second product corresponds to the Detect stage of the NIST framework.

  • Development of an initial Whitelist, with the ability to fine tune over time. This can be used to identify connections/actions that may need clarification.
  • Configurable messages/alerts generated for information security personnel
  • Integrated reporting to third party SIEMs and other security solutions
  • Export of data in format that can be loaded into third-party firewalls
  • Download of third-party firewall rules and comparison with StealthPath


Integrating with and significantly enhancing existing cybersecurity solutions

This set of capabilities corresponds to the Protect stage of the NIST framework, albeit with StealthPath working as an integrated “Detect” component and any actions being taken by third-party solutions.

In addition to providing actionable information to third-party solutions, this product also provides a simulation mode for candidates for full StealthShield protection.

Deliverables include:

  • Full integration with select third-party firewall and other security products
  • Realtime anomaly alert functionality
  • Configurable alert/block action specification (i.e., the potential to order the third-party software to stop or block a process based on event/ruleset)
  • Enhanced management tools


Securing the Zero Trust future

The full range of Zero Trust protection, configurable at three levels:

  • StealthCommand: configuration rulesets based on Fingerprints controlling access for entities including devices, applications, users, etc.
  • StealthNetwork: Peer-peer connection between StealthPath-protected devices, incorporating Fingerprints, encryption, and independent multifactor identification.
  • StealthMessage: configuration ruleset based on deep message inspection, including header and payload.
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