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A Flexible & Scalable Path to the Zero Trust Future.

The overarching set of interoperational StealthPath solutions. Facilitates communication and information-sharing between systems utilizing different aspects of the StealthPath solution set or at different stages of maturity.

Visibility – ZAware

Passive but powerful, intuitive Asset Inventory and insight

ZAware provides on-demand visibility into the steady state operations of a protected domain. Comparison reports track changes,  identifying anomalies and potential vulnerabilities.

One of the most significant challenges for security professionals is comprehending their network complexity. Asset visibility foundational to Zero Trust. Defending any domain requires a complete view of every asset and every connection associated with those assets. Without this understanding, the ability to granularly manage assets and their connections is nearly impossible. ZAware provides the analysis to quickly understand all the network entities and interactions in your operating environment. This provides the necessary foundation for the journey towards Zero Trust.


Provides a non-disruptive comprehensive view of your operating environment. Requires no changes to existing hardware/software configuration. Simply upload a standard PCAP (packet capture) and receive intuitive analytics providing clear and vital information. Scale to your needs. A single instance can create a detailed system inventory. Repeated analysis provides trend analysis and potential anomaly identification.

Value Proposition

  • Clear, informative and actionable comparative reports
  • A complete view of your network inventory and  connections
  • Multiple purchase bundles available

Analysis – ZAlert

AI-Powered Situational awareness and response

ZAlert delivers detailed real-time analysis, resolving multiple categories of anomalies and outliers and driving rapid response. A powerful and intuitive user interface allows   and provides a user-friendly method to evolve the robust policies for a Zero Trust environment.

With a complete view of networked assets and connections, the next step is developing the ability to continuously monitor and analyze their interactions. Which are normal? Which are signs of potential compromise? ZAlert uses advanced artificial intelligence-powered deep pattern recognition to build multidimensional historical baselines. Behavioral analysis flags and reports significant variations, increasing sensitivity to abnormal events and decreasing false positives. An easy-to-use console provides full visibility and enables fine tuning the models based on organizational knowledge.


Provides continuous monitoring, deep analysis, and alerting. Agentless implementation requires no changes to existing hardware/software configuration. .

Sophisticated behavioral analysis and intuitive user interface streamlines creation of Zero Trust policies. Configurable alerts are extensible to SIEM/firewall rapid response functionality. 

Value Proposition

  • Rapid development of network baselines and identification of potential threats
  • StealthPath’s unique Behavioral CMDB approach provides both standalone value or enhancement of existing CMDB solutions
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Addresses a missing component in cybersecurity defenses

Action – ZProtect (Future Product)

Integration for the Zero Trust future

ZProtect extends the StealthPath Zero Trust platform, adding capabilities for policy generation and management.  Building on  ZAware and ZAlert’s focus on increasing anomaly detection and reporting,  ZProtect integrates with existing SIEM/firewall solutions to provide up to real time response.

Receiving an alert of potential compromise is not enough, we need to move to effective mitigation without impacting operations.  ZProtect is a passive agentless solution that generates policy recommendations in response to the alerts of anomalies and outlier activity. Based on derived confidence factor and risk rating the policy recommendations can be reviewed and deployed manually, or auto deployed to existing solutions.


ZProtect includes continuous monitoring, deep analysis,  alerting policy recommendations for distribution to third-party legacy solutions. Agentless implementation means no changes to existing hardware/software configuration.

Sophisticated behavioral analysis and intuitive user interface streamlines creation of Zero Trust policies. Generated policies are distributed through user-defined tolerances aligned to model confidence and risk.

Value Proposition

  • Non-disruptive, agentless approach for policy generation and management
  • Robust zero trust policy engine utilizing granular behavioral analysis to generate policy recommendations for distribution to existing technologies
  • Reduced attack mitigation response time through user defined automation of policy distribution through direct API or SIEM integration

Journey to Zero Trust

1. Visibility

Network inventory and connections (ZAware)

2. Analysis

Network behavior and interactions (ZAlert)

3. Action

3rd party integration, real time response (ZProtect).

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