Uniquely provides:

  • Complete defense-in-depth protection when connecting your application to any device or system that also has StealthPath Technology installed
  • Absolute impenetrability for conducting business over the internet
  • Impenetrable peer-to-peer application communication

StealthAccess™ is a game-changer in this digital world and throughout this global economy.  The deployment opportunities for StealthAccess technology are limitless as it uniquely provides protocol/packet/message-level validation for all your connected applications enabling complete application impenetrability and unaltered communication with StealthPath Trusted™ Data.  Simply put, this means with complete and absolute assurance that anyone, anywhere, on any device can securely communicate with other StealthAccess enabled applications or StealthShield enabled devices or systems.  Period.


StealthAccess can and should be deployed in applications where application-to-application secure connectivity must be assured.  Applications like:

  • Mobile banking applications that must connect from mobile devices to servers
  • Fleet operations where information from vehicles on the road need to provide information back to the headquarters
  • Instant messaging application to instant messaging application
  • File transfers from one mobile device to another mobile device
  • From the user interface on a medical device to and from the control and delivery systems of the device itself
  • Industrial control system applications

The fact is unless StealthPath technology has been deployed across your enterprise; your systems, devices, data, and the communication between these systems and devices are at risk of being compromised.  As a developer, including StealthAccess with each of your applications ensures absolute impenetrability for your application and the communication with any other StealthAccess enabled application or StealthShield enabled device or system.  No longer will you need to be concerned with someone hacking your system and stealing or altering your data or controlling your physical devices.

StealthAccess enables complete application-level cybersecurity.  This means for all applications where StealthAccess has been installed, those applications, their data, the operations they perform, and their communications are completely secure and StealthPath Trusted.  StealthAccess eliminates cybersecurity risk for all of your connected applications.