StealthPath TrustedTM Data with Cyber Resilience

  • Data is completely Impenetrable and Absolutely Free from vulnerabilities
  • Data is authenticated
  • Data is securely moved from point of origin to final destination

StealthPath Trusted™ Data with StealthShield™ Cyber Resilience is the Feedstock that enables AI, machine learning, and more accurate and Trusted data analytics

StealthPath Trusted™ Data is data that is completely vulnerability free and absolutely secured while at rest, in use, or in transit from the point of origin to its final destination with no opportunity for manipulation.

With this level of assurance, StealthPath Trusted™ Data with StealthShield™ Cyber Resilience is the transformational Data Feedstock that enables AI, machine learning and accurate data analytics.  This key foundational technology is the enabler for the highest levels of trusted data accuracy leading to optimum operational efficiency.

Furthermore, StealthPath Trusted™ Data with Cyber Resilience is data generated in real time from any enterprise operation, using proven Zero-Trust principles with real-time in-depth protocol and data authentication that is also securely delivered to its intended destination without alteration.

In today’s global economy StealthPath Trusted™ Data with Cyber Resilience is the necessary foundation to enable and protect:

  • Critical Iinfrastructure
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Financial Transactions
  • Defense assets
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Any Data Analytics Implementations

Without StealthPath Trusted™ Data and Cyber Resilience, the results from data processing algorithms such as those used by AI, machine learning, and data analytics will be vulnerable to manipulation and therefore, cannot be Trusted.  In the best case the results would simply give incorrect results.  In the worst case, the manipulation of the data could be a fundamental component to a directed attack with malicious intent.

Data must be protected throughout the enterprise, both in the devices and systems while at rest, in use, or in transit to other devices and systems in the enterprise.  Transactions must be absolutely secured and impenetrable.  The control commands, data, and responses sent between our connected devices and systems must be authenticated to ensure that the systems perform their intended function accurately, timely, safely, and securely.  This is all possible by enabling your enterprise with StealthPath Trusted™ Data and StealthShield™ Cyber Resilience.

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